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Should Donald Trump Work With Vladimir Putin to Destroy ISIS?

With news of the Islamic State having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in its possession, the matter of combating and defeating ISIL has been elevated to a primary concern. The danger of what it can do with this WMD remains paramount, even as Barack Obama demurs to the topic of climate change.

Should a President Trump reach out to Russian President Vladimir Putin to put together a potent joint-strike force to eradicate the cancer of the Islamic State from the face of the planet? While Barack Obama liked to talk a good game about alliances and coalitions, his pro-Islamofascist policies have done nothing to stem the Islamofascist tide.The idea of a joint-strike force or an international strike-force tasked with confronting aggressive Islamofascist terrorism is not new. Several analysts on the topic  including myself  have floated the idea for decades. The difference now is that we might finally have a president who sees the benefit of a true task-oriented coalition.

The whole of the planet is faced with the dangers and the threats that WMD holds. This WMD, now having been used against both innocents and military personnel in the battlefields  including US forces in Iraq  presents the preeminent danger to the world.

Envision, if you will, what WMD deployment in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Washington DC would look like. With the mustard gas we know the Islamic State has, hundreds if not thousands would be poisoned and whole swaths of these locations would be uninhabitable for weeks.

To envision this as a reality, all you have to do is to recall the ricin attacks on the Tokyo subway system in 1995. This attack killed 13 people and injured over 5,500 to varying degrees.

Now, imagine if this WMD was something far more sinister than mustard gas. Imagine if the WMD was biological, radiological, or even nuclear. The death and injury toll would be unfathomable.

A joint-strike force between two of three of the world’s superpowers would pit the best of our two counties against the worst humanity has to offer. Armed with an international resolution to take the fight to the enemy anywhere and everywhere it exists, this joint-task force would not only be formidable, but it would bring the definition of “special operations” to an international level.

My preferred assembly has always been a joint-strike force of the world’s most potent Special Forces. Elite commandos from the United States, Russia, China, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, and Belgium to name a few, would come together with an international mandate to eradicate Islamofascism in all its forms.

This joint-strike force would be complemented by an international effort to educate next generation jihadis away from the oppressive dogma of theo-political Islam and facilitate a reformation of Islam to expunge all violence from the creed, lest it be laid to the waste ashes of history.

The world has been held hostage by Islamofascist aggression and arrogance for far too long.

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